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Where would even the best software and workflow products be without a strong consultative and Project Management team to implement them?

Our consultative practice is three-fold: first, our top-class industry consultants help refine workflow practices and recommend products and services which would most benefit your organization. This involves, as applicable, workflow analysis, asset management evaluation, case studies and other consultative deliverables designated by you based on our extensive needs analysis.

Second, our experienced Project Management staff oversees proper installation and training of all relevant personnel. This involves managing timelines and feature rollout schedules, post-mortem project analysis and coordinating efforts across Saferock and your personnel. This becomes increasingly important should customized software be specified and designed specifically for your unique environment.

Sometimes, when large software packages are implemented that significantly change your workflows, an on-site specialist is required to dedicate time to support your users. As a result, if applicable to your project, we offer full-time technical support to assist your employees in answering questions regarding the software in their day-to-day routines.

Because after all, we have not only been in the software development industry for 20 years, we’ve been in your industry too.

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